Seiya Unlimited – A Brief History

Seiya Dojo was originally founded as a place to train martial arts, unhindered by the usual politics and commercialism that seem to go hand-in-hand with such ventures. The name Seiya Dojo is an homage to Robert Van Valkenburgh’s first teacher, Joe Sheya, who passed away in 2014. Pronounced shey-ya, Seiya is a compound of two […]

Taikyoku Budo Workshop with Budd Yuhasz

Budd Yuhasz returned to Seiya Dojo for another Taikyoku Budo “internal strength for grappling and striking” workshop.  We had another great turnout with several new participants.  This workshop was an extension of the lessons taught by Budd at his workshop on April 5th of this year, but with a heavier concentration on the application of […]

Remembering Joe Sheya

There are certain people in this world, very few, whose personalities are so big that, for better or worse, simply meeting them can change the entire trajectory of our lives. These people seem larger than life. They draw attention by simply stepping into a room. Their very existence leaves an impression on everything and everyone […]

Taikyoku Budo Workshop with Budd Yuhasz

We are pleased to have hosted Budd Yuhasz at Seiya Dojo for a another Taikyoku Budo (太曲武道) workshop.  The focus was on Chinese internal strength principles as expressed through the container of Ellis Amdur’s Taikyoku Kuzushi (Essential Principles for Unbalancing an Opponent) within the context of classical aikido techniques (arms-length grappling), jujutsu/sumo/judo (body-to-body grappling), and […]